CAN Consulting at a Glance  

CAN CONSULTING is a distinctively specialized management consulting firm which aims at helping in maximizing profits for paper mills by improving plant reliability and maintenance practices.

CAN CONSULTING is founded by Mr.C.A.Nair, who has more than 38 years of experience in the Paper Industry. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mr.C.A.Nair has worked in large Paper Mills in India, in various capacities such as Maintenance Engineer, Chief Engineer, Production Manager, Mill Manager and as an Expatriate Expert abroad.

He has rich hands-on experience in setting up Maintenance Systems, Planning and Execution of major projects related to improving plant reliability and maintenance practices. Mr. Nair also has experience of successfully turning around a newly acquired loss making Paper Mill by establishing effective systems, improving work culture and operational efficiency and has established his acumen in leading a cost effective operation.

Our Beliefs & Philosophy
CAN CONSULTING's mission is to improve quality of maintenance and plant reliability of our client.
CAN CONSULTING deeply believes in finding solutions based on technical acumen, leveraging experience and commonsense. We focus on logically examining all facets of organizational systems like planning, scheduling, monitoring, prevention, basic equipment care etc to customize a practical and implemental solution.

We Strongly believe that

Quality Maintenance is Key to Reliability
Solutions are to be customized to meet the needs of our Client
Technical expertise needs to be augmented by commonsense & experience
Safety is an integral part of Maintenance and is essential for Reliability of plant

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