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In the Indian Industry, especially the paper industry, systems like TPM, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma etc have come in to vogue only recently. These systems are broadly based on systematic working and team work. They help in improving operational efficiency, if implemented effectively.

The effectiveness of these systems depends on basic technical knowledge and its application and change in work practices. Normally, the implementation partner / consultant help in putting systems in place that make the work systematic and improves team work. Unfortunately, in their anxiousness to show fast results, both the Consultant and the Managers of the Company, focus on projects/ tasks that give good returns in a short time. As a result, a very essential part of up-grading the basic technical knowledge and its application gets neglected. This is evident from the quality of technical documentation & its effectiveness in machine health monitoring, problem diagnostics and preventive actions.

The importance of high level plant reliability to your company's profitability cannot be undermined since improved reliability reduces the cost by improving uptime, production and product quality. Improved quality of maintenance is very essential to improve reliability and sustain the gains from systems like TPM.

We at CAN Consulting, are committed to improve the reliability of our Client's machinery. We specialize in improving equipment reliability and providing maintenance management solutions to streamline your process, right size your inventory and maximize your production time.
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