A process is reliable, if its output / product is consistent.

Production is consistent
Quality is consistent
Performance is predictable

Reliability of process is achieved by making the equipment reliable and the systems robust. Equipment reliability improvementplan, starts with condition assessment of equipment against Condition Monitoring Standards and systematically refurbish them to restore their health and performance levels. Continued reliability is ensured through an effective Condition Monitoring System to detect faults/ defect at a very early stage of development and take corrective actions in time to avoid unplanned down time of equipment.

Robust system involves systematicRoot Cause Analysisof problems and taking corrective and preventive actions. It also involves bench marking the performance and systematic monitoring, analysing variances and carrying out corrective actions in time.

CAN Consulting specializes in setting Condition Monitoring Standards, Assessment of equipment condition, Criticality Assessment, preparing refurbishment plan, Root Cause Analysis and performance Monitoring Systems.

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