Vantage Management Consulting
A management and Financial Consulting firm that specialize in Business Strategy, Business risk analysis, Business health analysis, Project feasibility evaluation, Due diligence, Financial structuring, Working capital effectiveness, Forex treasury advisory, Insurance advisory, Business leadership development Finance domain training etc
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Mr.TR Shakar,    Mob: +91 9701001842,   mail:
Ms.ManjulaKannan,    Mob: +9 19701001841, mail:
SP Insitu& Allied Engg Services (Pvt) Ltd
Specialists in in-situ repair work involving in-situ grinding of shafts & bores, repair of keyways, grinding of flange surfaces etc. of huge equipment like MG Cylender of paper machine, raw mill of Cement plant etc which can not be moved to a work shop for repair.
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Mr. Ramesh Padmanabhan   Tel: +91 4426701064
SKF India Ltd - Reliability Systems
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Mr.Kumaran Dakshina Murthy   Mob: +91 9176691029 Tel: +91 4430981012 
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Venus Energy Audit System
Specialists in boiler Design audit, Construction audit, Operational audit and Shut down audit.
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Mr.KKParthiban    Mob: +91 98431 13111,   mail:
Ceative Power Engineers (P) Ltd
Specialists in Laser Alignment of Paper Machines & other allied services
Contacts :
Mr.Radhakrishna   E mail
Consultants & designers specialized in custom designed equipments
Contacts :
Mr.Mallikanadh    Tel: +91 40 27801050     E mail :
Specialists in Condition Monitoring : vibration & acoustics analysis, in-situ dynamic balancing, NDT, Laser alignment etc.
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Mr.GN Raju   Mob: +91 9391008458        E mail
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